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Dr. Wilbur C. Feels is Colonel Dijon's long-time and questionable personal physician.

In his 50s, he is a pudgy and nervous man sweating profusely.

He knows that Henri is healthy with many years before him. It is not clear if Wilbur knows that Henri doesn't need a wheelchair to get around. If he does, he doesn't share this knowledge.

Dr. Feels treated Gloria's sensitive medical problem. She wanted this to remain a secret and for not trusting each other, they have a bad relationship.

Many members of the family don't like Wilbur. He embezzles $100,000 with Clarence Sparrow to buy a racehorse but feels that it was wrong and threatens to tell him. However, Clarence doesn't allow Wilbur to do that and says that he'll take care of it.

Game progressEdit

Act II
(outside study) chats with Clarence
(study) reading

Behind the scenesEdit

His name is after W.C. Fields.