Sarah Marie Crouton was the daughter of Thomas Simon Crouton and Mary Frances O'Neil. She was born in 1854.

She grew up in the Misty Acres and was fond of the water nymph.

According to Celie, Sarah was away when her parents were killed.

Fearing about the war (perhaps the American Civil War), her parents left for her instructions to access the secret basement where she would find the hidden jewels. Unfortunately, she never found the jewels.

Nothing else is known about Sarah other than she died 17 years old according to her epitaph. Her ghost appears sometimes in the cemetery.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is an unverified theory that Henri, Ethel and their late brother Jacques (Gertie's husband) are the children of Sarah. There is no substantial base to this assumption, as there is no indication in the game of any family relation between the Dijons and the Croutons, although this can be left open to interpretation. Celie, who knows about the estate and the Croutons more than anyone else, does not mention this. Lillian, when asked about Sarah, says that she belonged to the Crouton family but does not mention any kinship to the Dijons. Any other characters who are asked about Sarah, also do not mention that.

According to the above theory, she had to give birth to all three children in a row and possibly die at the third and last childbirth. This means that she would be at most 14 when she gave birth to the first of her children - not impossible, but improbable.

Her ghost appears sometime in the game and raises her hand as if pointing at something but the game plot does not explain what or where she points at.