The accountant of Leyendecker Museum. After years of reading tiny numbers, he became nearsighted. He speaks with a lisp. He claims to live a solitar life just with his family. He is married with Isis Najeer and they have two children, Horus Najeer and Amon Najeer, while she is pregnant to Anubis Najeer.

According to Ziggy, he came once to the Harlem Swinger and put him an egyptian riddle: what is the room where you enter but don't leave, what is the room that you leave without entering.

On the other hand, according to himself, he met Ziggy just once at the party and he found him disagreeable and didn't approach him again.


It is uncommon, if not unlikely, for a modern Egyptian to bear an ancient Egyptian name of a pharaoh, and name his children after ancient gods. Modern Egyptians norally bear arabic names.