The proprietor of Lo Fat's Chinese Laundry. He was actually born in Newark, New Jersey and doesn't speak chinese, but maintains a chinese flavor for his laundry as a commercial gig. His daughter reads Pippin Longstocking. Once his bicycle was stolen and reported it to the 14th precinct but the police didn't help him.

He reads Newark Bee newspaper. He gives 2 dollars every year to Leyendecker Museum and actually some of the employees there are his customers. He has an arrangement with Yvette Delacroix and he does her laundry for free.

2 years ago he put a coupon for free pressıng in the newspapers for advertisement but nobody used it. Only one woman had left a night gown but didn't claim it back for 2 years, until Laura Bow found that coupon.


His name is a pun on "low fat". There is also a mention of a Lo Fat character, as the cousin of Hop Singh in Freddy Pharkas.

When Laura hands him the coupon, he jokes that it will be ready "next Tuesday". This is a line that other characters say to Freddy Pharkas when he claims his old boots.