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Laura Bow





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John Bow (father)


Lillian Prune (deceased)

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Steve Dorian (Husband?)

Laura Bow is daughter of the detective John Bow who raised her alone when his wife died, and a journalist student at Tulane University. Her best friend there was Lillian Prune.

Laura had the reputation of liking mysteries and creepy places, and for that reason Lillian invited her for a weekend at her uncle's Henri Dijon mansion.

Although Laura was unable to prevent the eight killings, she managed to save the colonel's life. As a reward, he let her keep the jewels she found at the estate.

In 1927 she was working for Sam Augustini and encountered another killing spree in the Leyendecker Museum.

After that event Augustini nominated her for Pulitzer Prize and she started dating Steve Dorian and eventally married.

Later in the 20th century and into her 80s, Laura Bow-Dorian gave lectures about Investigative Reporting techniques in to Tulane University.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The latter part of Laura's life is based on the optimal ending of The Dagger of Amon Ra where Laura starts dating Steve and is nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. There is also a relevant reference in GK1; when Gabriel enters the lecture hall of New Orleans university, there is a notice on the bulletin board about a lecture on "Investigative Reporting techniques to be given by octogenarian Pulitzer Prize winner Laura Bow Dorian" - indicating that Laura won the Pulitzer Prize, married Steve and lived to an old age.

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