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Jeeves is Colonel Henri Dijon's solemn, yet imposing, butler. Not much is known about him as he keeps to himself.


He is a tall, good-looking man who usually remains silent. He is not particularly friendly, nor is he helpful. He often gives a disconcerting feeling of secretiveness talking in little more than monosyllables. None of the family members pay much attention to him. Back in early 1925, Henri Dijon brought him along for a card game competition. He has an affair with Fifi, who maintains a secondary relationship with the old Colonel, apparently after his wealth.

Game Progression[]

Act I[]

Jeeves goes from room to room offering drinks to the guests.

Act II[]

Jeeves feeds both Beauregard and Blaze before heading into his room in the Basement for a nap.

Act III[]

Jeeves goes from room to room to clean up the floors in the Library and the Billiard Room.

Act IV[]

Jeeves and Fifi flirt in the Dining Room as they clean the room. They then plan a late evening together for later.

Act V[]

A shirtless Jeeves is in his room as he gets ready for his date with Fifi.

Act VI[]

Laura discovers Jeeves and Fifi's dead bodies in Fifi's Room.