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Colonel Henri A. Dijon is a reclusive, rich, eccentric old man, who fought in the Spanish-American War

He is the brother of Ethel and brother-in-law of Gertie.

He fought in the Spanish-American war, and sacrificed himself while trying to rescue a fellow soldier. After medical attention, he was given an honorable discharge from the United States military as a Colonel.

As of his late sixties, he is a bachelor and invested his money wisely, amassing a significant wealth, including his estate in Misty Acres, an antebellum sugar plantation island.

Although he could walk, he was always in a wheelchair[1] for unknown reasons. He also played the sick old man although his doctor knew he was healthy with many years before him.

His character is that of a frail, ill-tempered curmudgeon. Considering the humans greedy, ruthless creatures he lives an eccentric life of seclusion on his bayou island. Although he is supposedly wealthy, he spends little money to maintain the island. He was tended by physician Wilbur C. Feels, his butler Jeeves and maid Fifi, who is playing the Colonel, trying to get his money. His lawyer was Clarence Sparrow.

After Mr. Prune killed himself, Henri treated Lillian for the well-being of Ethel, and Lillian saw Henri like a father figure, and loved him most than anyone else.

In 1924, March 27 he summoned his family and confidants that he would equally divide his wealth to each of them.

On May 27th, 1925....

Later in 1925, Henri Dijon had a competition with a number of players (he brought along Jeeves, Fifi, and Celie to serve him).[2]

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Colonel Henri Dijon
  • Colonel Dijon
  • Colonel
  • Sir Colonel
  • Grump
  • Mister Colonel

Behind the scenesEdit

Colonel Dijon is a reference to a type of mustard. The entire name is a spoof on Colonel Mustard one of the suspects in the Clue/Cluedo series (games (video games and board games) and movie).

Game progressionEdit

Act I
He is having "fun" with Fifi in his room.*
Act II
Since he is alone in his room he walks around to poke the fire*
His cane is found in one of the passageways
Act IV
His cigar butt is found in one of the passageways
Act V
Lillian discusses with him in his room*
After this, he is absent from his room*
Struggling with Rudy in the attic.


If Laura Bow takes too long to interrupt the struggle with Rudy, or shoots the Colonel, the Colonel will die. In that case, Rudy will narrate to Laura his own view of the events. However this does not give the Super Sleuth rank.

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