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Gloria Swansong (Gloria Dijon) is the daughter of Gertrude Dijon and the sister of Rudolph Dijon and a Hollywood actress (although not so famous).

Apparently she was born as Gloria Dijon and Swansong is her stage name. She has a glamorous appearance always seen with her long feathered boa, jewels and gown.

While at Hollywood she'd gotten into some trouble, and was suffering from some sort of medical problem. Dr. Wilbur C. Feels treated her. Gloria wanted this to remain a secret and for not trusting each other, they have a bad relationship.

She had an affair with Clarence Sparrow to which both her mother and brother objected. Later she started an affair with a director.

Titles and NicknamesEdit

  • Gloria Dijon
  • Gloria Swansong
  • Swansong (stage name)

Game progressionEdit

Act I
(billiard room) chats with Rudy
Act II
(billiard room) chats with Clarence
(parlor) reads

Behind the scenesEdit

Her name is a pun on both the actress Gloria Swanson and the proverbial "swan song".