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Gertrude Dijon entered the Dijon family when she married Colonel Dijon's brother Jacques who died. She is the mother of Gloria Swansong and Rudolph Dijon.

She seems belonging to an older age, the 1890s. She appears snob, walking with her nose up in the air and always plays with her many strands of pearls.

She stuck to the family's rivalry lines against Ethel and Lillian who considered herself an in-law, not entitled to the Colonel's Will.

Concerned about Gloria dating Clarence Sparrow and having discovered Clarence's racehorse scam, she threatens Clarence to tell Henri about it.

Game progressionEdit

Act I
(parlor) chats with Clarence; tells him she knows about his scam and threatens him to stop running after Gloria.
(Gertie's and Gloria's room) sleeping


She is killed at 8:00, thrown out of the window. After her death, Laura Bow discovers a handkerchief and sees a figure resembling Ethel Prune walking on the balcony.