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Fifi is a sexy French maid that lives with and "serves" Colonel Henri Dijon.


Fifi is despised by most of the family. Everyone knows she only wants money from the Colonel and it is the reason why she is very close to him. Rudy tries to get with Fifi on two separate occasions, but she slaps him each time, causing him to start hating her. She also has an affair (perhaps her real one) with Jeeves.

Game Progression[]

Act I[]

Fifi and the Colonel have a physically private moment in his room. She then leaves to dust the house as the Colonel doesn't want them to get caught. She continues her dusting in the Study Room.

Act II[]

In Rudy and Clarence's Room, Rudy hits on Fifi by forcefully kissing her. She slaps him and goes to her room in a huff. She then sits in front of her mirror and brushes her hair.

Act III[]

Fifi is reading a book in her room until Rudy arrives. Rudy hits on Fifi by forcefully kissing her again, and she slaps him like last time. When he leaves in a huff, she rests in her bed to soft victrola music.

Act IV[]

After dusting the Palor, Fifi and Jeeves flirt in the Dining Room as they clean the room. They then plan a late evening together for later.

Act V[]

Turning on her victrola, Fifi dresses down to put on a white mature dress. She then sits in front of her mirror to get ready for her date with Jeeves.

Act VI[]

Laura discovers Fifi and Jeeves' dead bodies in her room.