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Ethel Prune is the younger sister of Colonel Dijon, who is the only person she trusts. Her name is a play on 'ethyl alcohol.'

She is also the mother of Lillian. Ethel's husband Mr. Prune died in 1908 and Ethel became an alcoholic.

Ethel is a stylishly-dressed, overly made-up older woman however the many years of hard drinking have taken their toll on her as her face is puffy and red, and her skin has wrinkled prematurely.

She feels that she is entitled to Henri's money more so than Gertie (who is only a blood relative).

She always seems to have a drink in her hand. She is available only through the first Acts. Throughout most of the game, Ethel is drunk.

Game progressionEdit

Act I
sitting in the nursery, then chats with Lillian in Lillian's and Laura's room
Act II
drinking in the parlor
walking drunk outside
Act IV
walking drunk outside