Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton
Countess Lavania Waldorf-Carlton



Eye Color


Hair Color



Archibald Carrington,Watney Little,Ziggy

Romantic Interests

Sterling Waldorf-Carlton (Deceased) flapper




Olympia Myklos Yvette Delacroix Daisy Rats Laura Bow

A short, elderly, rich Countess. She is dressed flamboyantly and is stuffed with makeup; so much that it chips off when she speaks, and falls on to her fur collar.

Some weeks after coming to America she met Sterling Waldorf-Carlton, the former president of the Leyendecker Museum in an off-shore casino (where she claims drinking is legal) . They married one month later.

She doesn't get enough from her new marriage and has extra-marital affairs. She has some business with the lesbian Flapper in the Harlem Swinger, who is waiting for her in the ladies' lounge. She lives her life to the fullest and is overenthusiastic, scaring Rameses Najeer. She has a bad relationship with Dr. Olympia Myklos, since she screamed when she saw Myklos's collection of dead rats, and Myklos's ferret, Daisy, bit her ankle.

Her husband died two months after their marriage. His fortune went to the estate, but the Countess claims he was writing a new will leaving his fortune to her.

Steve Dorian saw her picking up Archibald Carrington III (Watney Little) with her car.

She is seen with Ramemeses Najeer and says that the burglar was probably Egyptian; she has heard of a Sun worshipping sect from a reliable source, rumors that Najeer dismissed.

She later talks with Ziggy.

She is seen With Yvette Delacroix and Myklos while speaking about her husband.