Clarence Sparrow



Eye color


Hair color

Grey (Wears a Brown Wig)

Clarence Sparrow is Henri Dijon's sneaky attorney.

A dapper-looking man in his late forties he seems to be well acquainted with his his client's family. He appears a bit rude and sneaky.

He was a lover of Gloria Swansong, to which her mother, Gertie, objected. Gloria eventually found a new beau, a director.

With doctor Wilbur C. Feels he bought a racehorse together with $100,000 of Henri's money. However the horse broke his leg, putting the two men in debt to Henri. Clarence wants to keep this a secret but Gertie knows about it and Wilbur threatens to tell Henri.

He refuses to believe that Gloria would not want to see him any more and develops a bad relationship with Rudy, with whom he shares a room.

Game progressionEdit

Act I
He is found with Gertie in the parlor
Act II
Chats with Dr. Feels outside the study
Chats with Gloria in the billiard room
Has a chat with Rudy in their room, then sleeps.
Act IV
Looks for Rudy outside. When they meet, they fight
Act V
Drinks at the parlor
Act VI
Writes in his room. He just starts to feel something suspicious and realises that everybody is missing.

Clarence's journalEdit

May 27th, 1925

...I'm terribly apprehensive about
what's going on here. I can't say
why...just call it a bad
sensation...but as the evening wears
on I'm feeling more and more alone.
Where's Wilbur? Where's Gertie?
Where's Gloria? Could they have
left without me? Is there a way to
leave the island that I'm not aware
of? Still, the spine-tingling feeling
won't leave, and frankly, I'm

Behind the scenesEdit

His name is obviously a pun on the famous lawyer Clarence Darrow, leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union.