Archibald Carrington III is a short, blustery man who resembles Theodore Roosevelt. He has a self-assured and cocky bearing. He wears pince-nez that adds the aura of distinguished snobbery. Yvette Delacroix is his assistant.

He claimed to have many experiences with women from several lands, and a french woman suggested to have a "deep conversation" on the back of a dinosaur.

He used to be in charge of British Museum, when Pippin Carter met him. Later he became the President of the Leyendecker Museum after Sterling Waldorf-Carlton died.

He came to America on the Andrea Doria. He had the heaviest steamer trunk that smelled. He gave Steve Dorian a big tip. Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton picked him up in a taxi.

Unfortunately, it is late found out he is Watney Little

Act IIEdit

He is seen in the fund-raising party with Carter, whom he doesn't remember after their previous meeting (which Carter attributes to Carrington's age). He listens to Carter as he narrates his discovery of the Dagger of Amon Ra. Yvette leaves and they chat about her.

Later he tries to get closer to Yvette, and tells her to call him Archibald now.